[OpenMap Users] Attempting to view RPF data, please review my procedure...

From: Edward Welling <ewelling_at_custom-mfg-eng.com>
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 15:58:33 -0500

Dear Users:

I am unable to display RPF data using your openmap viewer. The viewer
runs nicely on my machine, by running "openmap.bat" from the command
line, but after reading most of your documentation and FAQ page, I am
still unable to display RPF data. I have summarized the procedure I am
using, hoping you might see something I am obviously missing. If you
don't see any problems with my procedure, is the MIL spec version of the
map data I am using crucial?

Thank You,
Edward Welling
Software Engineer
Custom Manufacturing & Engineering

Summary of my procedure:


OS: Windows 2000

Openmaps Version: 4.6.1

Mapdata: My mapdata contains RPF data at (C:\mapdata\RPF\RPF\) and
various types of RPF data within this folder including, CGNC, CIB10,
CIB5, CJGA, CJNC, etc.


Display CJNC data using the openmaps viewer. (openmaps.bat). I have
tried other types, but with the same result.


1. Change the case of all the RPF files and directories as follows,
from the DOS prompt

C:\openmap\classes>java com.bbn.openmap.layer.rpf.ChangeCase -u

PF . This step appeared to be a success.

2. Compile the A.TOC file, which points to RPF map types directories

C:\openmap\classes>java com.bbn.openmap.layer.rpf.MakeToc
C:\mapdata\RPF\RPF\CJNC. This compiles the A.TOC file to my
C:\openmaps\classes folder.


3. Move the A.TOC file to the C:\mapdata\RPF\RPF\CJNC directory.


4. Edit the openmaps.properties file, so the A.TOC file can be found,
changing the line "jrpf.paths=data/RPF" to


5. Now, I run the openmap viewer from the command line:


6. Since I am trying to view CJNC maps, I zoom in between the scale
range of 1:8,000,000 to 1:500,000, per your FAQ web page.


7. From the openmaps menu, click Layers->Add New Layer, the dialog
appears and I select "RPF" layer from the list box, and give the layer a
name (e.g. "CJNC").


8. In the "Add Layer" dialog, click "Configure", and the "Inspector -
CJNC" dialog appears.


9. Click the "Add" button and find the path (C:\mapdata\RPF\RPF\CJNC) to
the A.TOC file I just created. Don't touch any of the other controls on
the Inspector dialog. Click OK.

10. From the openmaps menu, click Navigate->Projection and select "CADRG".

11. Under "Layers", "Graticule" and "Political Boundaries", "CJNC" are

12. At this point, I expect to see RPF data, but it is not "forthcoming".

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