[OpenMap Users] Possible Bug in VPF Layer?

From: Chris Allport <chris.allport_at_red-inc.us>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 16:02:06 -0500

My application is displaying a DNC using VPFLayer. From time to time, the
processor goes out to lunch. The java and X (RedHat 8.0) processes are both
contributing to the high CPU loading.

The VPF Properties has been reduced to:
prettyName=VPF Layer

I have noticed a couple of things:
1> I have only observed this when zoomed in (1:37500 right now).
2> Not all of the polygons are stable -- like they are constantly being
redrawn at two *slightly* different coordinates. This stops after several
minutes -- and the CPU load drops, too.
3> If I recenter the map (even nearby), this may start up again.

The rendering anomaly does not seem to occur in Windows. I did notice
memory getting chewed up pretty fast, but that is probably one of my bugs.

And ideas?

Chris Allport
Unmanned Systems Research & Development Lab
Patuxent River Naval Air Station
Phone: (301) 904-5943
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