[OpenMap Users] Only displaying coverage rectangles. CLUE: Getting RpfFrame errors

From: Edward Welling <ewelling_at_custom-mfg-eng.com>
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 14:28:07 -0500

Hello Users:

I can still only display the coverage rectangles. When I uncheck the
"Show Coverage Tool" checkbox, and the opaqueness slider is set to
completely opaque, no map data appears.

To verify the properties file is getting used, I changed the projection
property to "openmap.Projection=com.bbn.openmap.proj.CADRG", (from
Mercator), and now by default, the app comes up with the CADRG radio
button selected.

The following errors seem more critical, however.....

In the DOS window, where I launch openmap.bat, after I "Add Layer", I
get a bunch of error messages like the following:

OpenMap(tm) Version 4.6.1
  Copyright (C) BBNT Solutions LLC. All rights reserved.
  See http://openmap.bbn.com/ for details.

*** ERROR ***
RpfFrame: file C:/mapdata/RPF/RPF/RPF\CGNC\2\00005013.GN2 not found

*** ERROR ***
RpfFrame: file C:/mapdata/RPF/RPF/rpf\cgnc\2\00005013.gn2 not found

*** ERROR ***
RpfFrame: file C:/mapdata/RPF/RPF/RPF\CGNC\1\00033013.GN1 not found

*** ERROR ***
RpfFrame: file C:/mapdata/RPF/RPF/rpf\cgnc\1\00033013.gn1 not found



Comments about the errors:

==> The path "C:/mapdata/RPF/RPF/RPF\CGNC\2\00005013.GN2" is incorrect,
since it shows an extra "RPF", which doesn't exist.
==> The direction of the slashes looks wacky, too. .
==> In my "C:/mapdata/RPF/RPF" directory are the map data folders CGNC,
CIB10, and CJGA.
==> The first file listed in the error messages is "00005013.GN2",
which actually resides in "C:\mapdata\RPF\RPF\CGNC\2".

Comments about my use of paths:

==> In the openmap.properties file, the paths listed are
"jrpf.paths=C:/mapdata/RPF/RPF" and "jcib.paths=C:/mapdata/RPF/RPF",
which point to the A.TOC file.
==> When I add a layer, in the "Add Layer" dialog, I click the
"Configure" button, and the "Inspector" dialog comes up, where I click
"Add" and browse to the "C:\mapdata\RPF\RPF" directory, where the A.TOC
file resides.

I cannot understand where the extra "RPF" shown in the error message
comes from.


Edward Welling
Software Engineer
Custom Manufacturing & Engineering

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