RE: [OpenMap Users] Polygon to enclose a series of (lat,lon) poin ts?

From: Chris Hopkins <>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 17:49:28 -0500

Hi Ed -
Do you need this to be a convex polygon? If so, look into something that
will compute the convex hull given the list of points that you want to
surround. If it doesn't have to be convex, just connecting the points would
Here is one example link to a convex hull implementation (Google is your
friend). :)
  - Chris
p.s. I do have some code that will generate a convex hull given a list of
points but it was written by an intern and has not been prettied up.

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From: Ed MacKerrow []
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Subject: [OpenMap Users] Polygon to enclose a series of (lat,lon) points?

Dear OpenMap community,

I have a need to generate a polygon that encloses a number of different
(lat,lon) points. I assume that there might be some algorithms for doing
this. Of course I can just connect up all the points on the perimeter and
generate a polygon, thought I would ask first as to what is out there.



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