RE: [OpenMap Users] How to use milstd2525b package

From: Andrew Schulak <>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 09:23:43 -0500

I too am having SymbolChooser problems. I launch SymbolChooser with the following code and an icon never shows up in the box.

        Properties p = new Properties();
        SymbolReferenceLibrary srl = new SymbolReferenceLibrary();
        SymbolChooser.showDialog(null,"Symbol Chooser",srl,null);

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> Hi ▄mit,
> I'd use the SymbolChooser first, to determine what the 15 character
> code is that you want to display. This also lets you know if the
> symbol you want is available (not all symbols have been
> implemented).
> You should first choose the category and symbol type from the
> tree, and
> then change the Status to Present instead of Unspecified (from one of
> the option menus at the bottom). The milStd2525_png.jar has to be in
> your classpath.
> Once you have found the symbol you want that is available,
> make a note
> of the 15 character name that's in the field at the bottom.
> That's the
> string you need to use for the SymbolReferenceLibrary.
> For the supplied data sets, the status has to be Present for
> the icons
> to show up.
> Hope this helps,
> Don

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