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From: Laura Paterson <>
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 09:08:32 -0000


I had exactly the same problem a couple of weeks ago when I upgraded to

One work around is to use:
ProjectionFactory projFact = ProjectionFactory.loadDefaultProjections();
then use projFact to create your projections.

or if you are setting up your app with a properties file, add a
ProjectionFactoryLoader to your, and use
ProjectionFactory.instance() to create your projections.


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I'm working on a much delayed upgrade of our map engine -- which is
running on the venerable openmap 4.5.4 now -- to the current 4.6.2.

makeProjection(int,float,float,float,int,int) has been deprecated,
so I changed that in our mapping servlet to the new equivalents.
However, no matter what I do (and I've tried a few other forms of
this method) it always returns a Mercator projection, when what
I'm asking for is an Orthographic.

Here's an example that fails:

        Class projClass =
        Proj projection = (Proj) ProjectionFactory.makeProjection
(projClass, 42.0f, -72.0f, 30000000f, width, height);

projClass above contains the right class in it, but "projection" returned
is a Mercator projection.

So, before I jump into the ProjectionFactory source code to try to
figure this out:

Is this a known problem? Is there actually some other method I should
be using to generate my Orthographic projections?


PS: Hi Don, it's been a while. :-)


Guillermo Payet
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