[OpenMap Users] How to get OpenMap or OpenMapApplet instance within a layer

From: Guillaume <guipom2000_at_yahoo.fr>
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 23:34:32 +0100

Hi !
I am a French user of OpenMap (4.6.2) and I am creating my own layer in an
OpenMap Applet. I need to interact with the browser. Il fact I need to have
an access (handler) to the Applet class, ie OpenMapApplet class.
I tried to use :
Iterator it = getBeanContext().iterator();
Object someObjs = null;
while(it.hasNext()) {
someObjs = it.next();
if (someObjs instanceof OpenMap) { //or OpenMapApplet for my applet
   System.out.println("this is the one I need");
else System.out.println("not this one");
and I can't get with BeanContext() an handler to original OpenMapApplet
class. I guess there is a way to get back to OpenMapApplet classes from a
mapbean layer, but I can't find how.
I need to use : getAppletContext().showDocument(...) of java Applet for
exemple. Is there anyway to do it ?
Thanks ;)

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