[OpenMap Users] Need to extract portion of bitmap.

From: Edward Welling <ewelling_at_custom-mfg-eng.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 17:07:55 -0500

Hello Users:

We need to accomplish step number (5) below in a CADRG projection.

We know how to do 1 through 3:

1) From a button click, the program calls a function which returns
bitmap image data from the map bean:

           byte bmpData[] = bmpFormatter.getImageFromMapBean(mapBean);

     For example, assume this bitmap data is an image of the continental
United States, and appears the same as the full-screen image the user sees.

2) From the same function, a new Layer is added which displays a
moveable and resizable rectangle.

3) Moving and resizing the rectangle, the user encloses a portion of
the current screen, say the State of Florida.

4) From the layer, a function returns the (2) x-y pairs which define
the rectangle.

Here is the part we haven't figured out:
5) Pass these x-y values to a function which returns the bitmap image
data for just the rectangle. The result is a bitmap image rectangle
"cut" from the full-screen image.

Does such a function already exist?
Has anybody out there done this? If so, how?


Edward Welling
Software Engineer
Custom Manufacturing & Engineering

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