[OpenMap Users] RPF layer in OpenMap 4.6.2

From: Ammata Soutdarany <Ammata.Soutdarany_at_L-3ComCept.com>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 08:48:53 -0600

I'm trying to add a functionality to allow users to select multiple
coverages for a CADRG map data. Currently, the RPF layer only allows the
selection of 1 coverage or all coverages via the property file (example:
rpf.chartSeries=ANY). I extended the RpfTocHandler class and overwrote the
getBestCoverageEntry and getCatalogCoverage methods. The rpf.chartSeries
property will now contain a space delimited series of chart code (ex.
rpf.chartSeries=GN JN MM). Here are the changes I made to RpfTocHandler.

    public List getBestCoverageEntry(float ullat, float ullon, float lrlat,
                                     float lrlon, CADRG proj,
                                     RpfViewAttributes viewAtts) { ...
            if (scaleFactor >= lowerScaleFactorLimit
                    && scaleFactor <= upperScaleFactorLimit
                    && (chartSeries.equalsIgnoreCase(RpfViewAttributes.ANY)
//chartSeries.equalsIgnoreCase(currentEntry.info.seriesCode))) {
currentEntry.coverage.chartCode))) {

        public boolean IsInChartSeries(String chartSeries, String
                StringTokenizer Tok = new StringTokenizer(chartSeries);
                        if(true ==
                                return true;
                return false;

I ran into a problem with a TOC entry containing the chart series "MM". For
some reason, an entry containing the chart series "MM" had a
RpfTocEntry.info.seriesCode value of blank. Therefore, I can only display
map data for "MM" chart series if I set the rpf.chartSeries=ANY. When I'm
comparing the chart series from the property file with the one that is
available from the RpfTocEntry should I use RpfTocEntry.coverage.chartCode
instead of RpfTocEntry.info.seriesCode?


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