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From: Tobias Gorgs <tobias.gorgs_at_t-online.de>
Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2005 10:18:37 +0200


I have two questions about DTEDLayers.

1) How is it possible to change the Opaqueness of a DTEDLayer?
This is how I tried it:
This lines of code should be processed, when a special button of my user interface is pressed. If I ask for the new opaqueness (getOpaqueness()) the value is 135. But nothing happens. The DTEDLayer is already added to the MapHandler. If I let OpenMap show the palette to change DTED-Properties it works. Any ideas?

2) Is it possible to remove a DTEDLayer from the MapHandler and later add it again? I want to show DTED Level 0 until a defined scale-level is reached and then show DTED Level 1. To save memory I thought I remove DTED Level 1 until the application has the defined scale and then add it. Is this the right idea?

I already tried with:

The boolean which is returned is true for both lines of code. After the layer was removed it isn`t shown at the map anymore. This is great, but after I added the layer - it doesn`t appear on my map either. Can anyone help me with this topic?

Thanks a lot.

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