RE: [OpenMap Users] MilStd 2525 SVGSymbolImageMaker

From: Chris Hopkins <>
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 10:24:17 -0400

Hi Tom -
For my purposes, I just need something that will create an ImageIcon object
for me given a particular width and height. The SymbolReferenceLibrary and
the SVGSymbolImageMaker classes help with that. So, I have downloaded all of
the DISA .zip files that contain the SVG files and have included the
omsvg.jar and the required Batik jars. The issue I'm having now is that the
.zip files package the SVG files into a directory structure (e.g.
AppendixA/unknown_unknown/0.spzp-----------.svg) instead of the flat
structure of the PNG jar that OpenMap provides.
I'm in the process of writing an extension to the SVGSymbolImageMaker that
will modify the data path that the BasicSymbolImageMaker uses to find the
resource file based on the code passed in. I've done a quick proof of
concept that hardcodes a change to the data path and massages the code
slightly to conform to the DISA .zip structure and can see the symbol come
up in the SymbolChooser using my image maker class. Now, it's just a matter
of doing the translation the "right" way and I think that might boil down to
the and files (located in the package) but I don't have my head
around those yet.
Once this is done, it will provide the means to retrieve an ImageIcon object
based on the MilStd code and using the unmodified DISA .zip files. That's
what I need for my project...just a simple lookup mechanism. We are not
using the parts of the MilStd that are not reflected in the existing SVG
files (e.g. the fields to the left and right of the image itself). Would
your need for an editor be the result of wanting to add these other fields
to the image prior to display?

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If I understand your correctly, you need to view the svg files that you
obtained from
DISA. OpenMap comes with a symbol chooser ( ) but not an

Here's what Don told me when I asked him about editing the svg files:

"There seem to be several SVG editors out on the web, but to make an
integrated editor it wouldn't be that hard to write one using the batik
library and, say OpenMap. Using the OMDrawingTool to create
OMGraphics with an RENDERTYPE_XY, and then rendering them to a Batik
SVGCanvas would do it. Reading the symbols in to create editable
OMGraphics might take a little XML hacking.
- Don"


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Hi all -

So, I was looking at the API docs online and noticed this comment in the
SymbolReferenceLibrary class.

# properties to use for SVG image data files obtained from DISA. You need to

have Batik jars in
# your classpath to use the SVG files, as well as the omsvg.jar file


I have downloaded the SVG implementation of the 2525B standard from the DISA

site and all the images are in SVG format. Is there an SVGSymbolImageMaker
kicking around that I could use to load those images?


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