[OpenMap Users] Questions (overal my app based on OpenMap) - messsage Forward

From: Mariusz Chmielewski <mchmiel21_at_tlen.pl>
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 22:47:31 +0200

I am sending the message again becouse i can't see it on the mailing list.

Recently i came across very nice app based on OpenMap and i would like
to use this idea for my own here are the questions that i couldn't find
anywhere on the forum:

1. Is it propriate to configure only some aspects of the OpenMap
aplication through the Properties file. ( I would like to restrict
some cofiguration options)

2. If I would like to create my own applet which has for a main
component a JTabbedPane and OpenMap (Map) add to it should I make
changes in main OpenMapApplet?? or write a new one ?

3. I would like on every Pane of JTabbedPanel place a viewPort of the
Map viewing the CADRG map is it possible ?? or shoud i make lets say 3
different instances of the MapPanel and link them to the same location??

4. How can I restrict the scrolling of the map (I would be using only
Europe map so there is no neded top allow user to scroll outside of it)
Any ideas how to achieve it?

5. I would like to develope a generic class to view vecor data images is
there any support in the OpenMap of any kind of vector images files (not
maps) the images would be MilitaryUnits

6. How to pass an event from my component lets say JTree to a OpenMap
(Map panel) that there is a nee of redrawing some layers ??

7. How can i load a Polish localization on to my OpenMap Applet?

Please help me solve those problems I am analyzing the source code of
OpenMap framework but it is very huge so it is taking long time. Perhaps
Your answers would be very useful.

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