[OpenMap Users] Question about Data/Functional Flow of Properties to PropertyConsumers and some Possible Configuration Issues

From: Klaus, Erich P. <klaus-erich_at_zai.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 09:50:01 -0400

Hello Everyone,

Can anyone briefly explain the data flow of how proerties are delivered to PropertyConsumers
and what the carriers/function/data flows are - and - any gotchas?

If I create a descenedent of JDialog and implement PropertyConsumer - will I always get properties
delivered from my properties file? - Or should I also implement other Interfaces as well?

Is there a master properties file that contains all properties read from the properties files?

How about the following example:

in my properties file i assign the following:

myCustomDialog.prettyName=My Custom Dialog

If I manipulate prettyName via getProperties and setProperties I assume I will receive those property values;
but what about if i don't currently reference notUsedOrAssignedYet01 in my getProperties and setProperties;
will it still be deliverered as a property to myCustomDialog?

I'm trying to get a better understanding of how the properties work and are delivered.

PS: If i instantiate some objects via the API inside my code but want them at least partially configured from settings
in the properties file, I guess I should have some related PropertyConsumer object that receives these settings and
distributes them on the fly to instantiated objects - does this sound reasonable?


Erich Klaus
erich.klaus_at_REMOVE SPAM HEREzai.com
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