[OpenMap Users] Question about changing UTM grid layer plug-in grid distance from 100k to 1k or .1k

From: Klaus, Erich P. <klaus-erich_at_zai.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 13:13:31 -0400

Hello Everyone,

Is there a simple way in the code for the UTM Grid Layer Plug-in to adjust for a finer grid - say 1km or .1 km
for viewports that are very closely zoomed in?

Can some simple constant value changes in the code be used to alter the grid granularity? or is it not quite so simple
for other reasons (like at that granularity - the calculations don't come across correctly)

I could go in and start changing values in the code but i would like a reality check to make sure that the results would still
be applicable if i did.

For instance would more things need ot be taken into consideration (ie the formulas for calculating the grid
change or become more complex at a finer granularity?)


Erich Klaus
erich.klaus_at_REMOVE SPAM HEREzai.com
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