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From: <EOsorio_at_sisdef.cl>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 16:39:56 -0400

I read in "The OpenMap Developer's Guide"
what the Projections are based on a spherical model of the Earth. "NOTE:
OpenMap projections are based on a spherical model of the Earth.
Ellipsoidal flattening (eccentricity) is not taken into account."

For me it's a problem because I need show map in scale 1:50000 in latitude
52° S.

I Have two questions,
the first question is, how can I calculate the error what give in this
scale or other if I considerate only the spherical model of the Earth
the second question is if you are working in generate Ellipsoidal model in
a new version??

Thanks in advance.

 Eliecer Osorio Verdugo
 e-mail: eosorio_at_sisdef.cl

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