RE: [OpenMap Users] Displaying CADRG

From: Andrew Schulak <>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 11:15:46 -0400

I too am having an RPF problem.

I've successfully created my A.TOC file and placed it inside my
c:/map/RPF dir as specified. However when I start my RpfLayer and
openmap I get the following error:

RpfLayer: Need RPF directory paths.

*** ERROR ***
RPF|RpfLayer.prepare(): null frame provider - either no RPF paths were
set, or n
o frame provider was assigned. The RpfLayer has no way to get RPF data.

Here is how I create my RpfLayer. Any ideas? Thanks.

    Properties p = new Properties();

        RpfLayer rpfLayer = new RpfLayer();

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> All,
> I'm new to OpenMap so please bear with me. I'm trying to display some
> CADRG data using the openmap.bat file as a simple test. I
> keep getting
> "RpfLayer requires an Equal Arc projection (CADRG/LLXY) for images or
> attributes!" in the dialog pane and the layer doesn't ever show up. I
> can see the coverage of the area using the coverage tool but I don't
> ever see that actual layer. The A.TOC seems to work fine. I tried
> creating a new one (using the MakeTOC class) just to try it
> out but got
> the same results. My RPF settings are below. Please let me know if I
> need to change a setting somewhere else or another route to
> take. Thanks
> in advance.
> ### Java RPF properties jrpf.class=com.bbn.openmap.layer.rpf.RpfLayer
> jrpf.prettyName=CADRG
> # This property should reflect the paths to the RPF
> directories jrpf.paths=data/CADRG/RPF # Number between 0-255:
> 0 is transparent, 255 is opaque jrpf.opaque=255 # Number of
> colors to use on the maps - 16, 32, 216
> jrpf.number.colors=216 # Display maps on startup
> jrpf.showmaps=true # Display attribute information on startup
> jrpf.showinfo=false # Scale images to fit the map scale
> jrpf.scaleImages=true jrpf.imageScaleFactor=4
> jrpf.killCache=true jrpf.chartSeries=ANY
> jrpf.autofetchAttributes=false jrpf.coverage=true
> jrpf.subframeCacheSize=1 jrpf.auxSubframeCacheSize=1
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> Jimmy Erickson
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