Re: [OpenMap Users] loading and running william art's geotiff layer code

From: bill mcbride <>
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 21:40:24 -0500

no, jim..i didn't get that far. sure could use a geotiff capability in
openmap. i have had to shift to other work for the time being. if you
or anyone else gets geotiff capability, it would be well-used.



James R Erickson wrote:

> Bill, were you ever able to get the sarah package to work for
> geotiffs? I'm having some issues with openmap not being able to
> instantiate the class because it can't find it. I explicitly added the
> classpath in the openmap.bat file and also tried other places but
> still got the same result. I even created a class that just
> instantiated the JAIFileLayer class and it worked fine.
> If anyone else has any thoughts on this please let me know.

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