[OpenMap Users] VMAP DATA display troubles

From: C.F. MILANO Vincenzo <maricenprog.op.po_at_marina.difesa.it>
Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 15:10:40 +0200

Dear all,
I'm an Italian Navy user and my team of developers is using openmap to integrate nima VMAP0 and 1 into a Combat System Console. We have problems to reach a complete data display of some layers using our software besed on openmap 4.6.1 and 4.6.2.
Using another application software, namely ArcExplorer, we have seen that, given a secified VMAP layer (e.g. Transportation Airport Facilities points or Elevation Depth Contours), it is possible to display additional data of the specified VMAP Layer ( e.g. the name of the Airport in the vicinity of the position or the numerical value of the depth contour). As you Know, these additional data are available in the VMAP database as properties/attributes of the layer (e.g. Nam, Crv, F_code description, Zv2, etc..).
My team has already tryed to solve by mail with BBN Tech developers but with few results in this contest.

I would like to Know if any user has any info that I can pass to my software develop team in order to solve the trouble.


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