Re: [OpenMap Users] Labeling ESRIPlugIn ??

From: Don Dietrick <>
Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 09:16:03 -0400

Hi Bader,

On Apr 28, 2005, at 5:26 AM, Bader Mohammad Halawani wrote:

> hi Open map group
> I am faceing a problem with OPENMAP and I hope you can help me.
> I am using ESRIPlugIn layers and I add them to PlugInLayer.
> My problem is trying to put the name of the streets and points on my
> application .
> I try this algourithm to do so.
> 1)create a class that extends Layer class
> 2)read the data of the streets and points from .DBF file for dbf
> points map
> and dbf lines file.
> 2)create a OMGraphicList and add OMText for each street and lines
> list.
> 3)create a layer inside my application class and add the my layer
> to the
> layerHandler of the main application(which use BasicMapPanel).
> I can not know the (lat / long ) coordinate (float) for the points
> and lines
> from DBF because no colomn hold the (lat /long) information.

You have to go back to the shp file contents, and the OMGraphicList
created from the geometry. The order of the contents of the shp and
dbf files are the same and correspond to one another, so you find out
the location of the attribute by going to the geometry.

The EsriPlugIn kind of does this, in the mouse clicking code where it
takes an OMGraphic (EsriGraphic), asks it for the Integer index into
the dbf file to highlight the table entry. I think there is some
action to handle tooltips, too, that you can build from.

Hope this helps,


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