RE: [OpenMap Users] Shape file scale and visibility on map

From: Rubén Ruiz <>
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 00:58:33 +0200


Hi Tom,

I don’t understand quite well your problem…

Using the AreaShapeLayer may load your OMGraphics on determinate
geographical positions… if they are all around the world and you zoom in
you’ll only see those contained on the “zoom box”. If you’re trying to have
some “fixed” graphics on X,Y pixels on the screen you may have to use the
RENDERTYPE_XY to render on the screen and not in the map itself…


I’ve developed a modified ShapeLayer with threshold parameters to show/hide
certain graphics above/under a determined scale…but I’ve done it
programmatically…my standard AreaShapeLayer renders ok with no need of extra
parameters such as you say….


Hope this helps a little…




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Hello openmap users,


I'm Using the AreaShapeLayer to display an ESRI shape file. Looks pretty
good, although the points on the map will display only when the scale is
zoomed out to 1:120,000,000. The points are removed when the map is


Is there a technique or setting that makes the points show at all
projections? I remember something about minimum or maximum projection
settings but have not found the right tonic to get the intended behavior.


Thanks for any help with this.



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