Re: [OpenMap Users] Re: DayNightLayer blinking during refresh after updating to OpenMap4.6.2

From: Joey Heinrich <>
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 09:55:06 -0700

Thanks, it was the defaultprojections that fixed that problem.

I wish I knew how to tell you to reproduce this problem, cause I'm
still stuck on it. I've also found out that if you open and close the
frame containing the OpenMap repeatedly, each time creating a new map,
that occassionally the dayNightLayer will be visible upon opening the
map. It does this even though a call to the isVisible() method on the
dayNightLayer returns false all the way up to the point where the map
is displayed. The option to turn the layer on is also not selected in
our menu option either. I'm guessing that means it's something to do
with our code and the way it's setup, but I was confused about it
since the problems originated only after I tried to upgrade our
openmap jar file from 4.5.3 to 4.6.2

Guess I'll just have to mess around with it some more and hope for some luck!


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