Re: [OpenMap Users] Re: DayNightLayer blinking during refresh after updating to OpenMap4.6.2

From: Joey Heinrich <>
Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 11:18:34 -0700

Figured I'd give this one last try. I still for the life of me can't
figure out why this dayNightlayer is not working for me. I've been
working on this for 4 days now with no luck. I have two issues with
it that I cannot get resolved...

1. The DayNightLayer is setVisible(true) before it's added to the
mapHandler or else you can't toggle it on/off. Afterwards it is
setVisible(false) and it remains false until the map is displayed. I
have traced the isVisible() method of the daynightLayer as far as I
can and it returns false up until the map is displayed. Yet, on
occassion the dayNightLayer still shows up when intially loading the
map. This usually occurs about 1 in every 5 times I load the map and
I can't figure out why. When this does occur, I have to hit the
toggleTerminator function we have twice before it disappears from
sight, which means the variable is set to false initially even though
the layer is visible.

2. The dayNightLayer still blinks when I run a scenario from our app.
 I have taken out as many repaint() and doPrepare() calls as I can and
this has limited the frequency of the blinks, while still having the
map perform properly . Might this be a graphics card issue if that's
the case? It didn't blink with the 4.5.3 version of OpenMap, but it
does with 4.6.2.

I'm still pretty new at this and learning a lot while diving through
all the code. Any suggestions at all of where to look would be
greatly appreciated. Could it be something that is set in the
properties file? Or something that's not set that should be? Also,
might you happen to know of a way I could take a video of the window
as I run a scenario and record it into an AVI or similar type file so
that I might be able to better show you what I mean by the "blinking"?


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