[OpenMap Users] OMText please help

From: Mariusz Chmielewski <mchmiel_at_isi.wat.waw.pl>
Date: Fri, 03 Jun 2005 14:35:43 +0200

I created a layer that viewes my Pictures and inside each Picture object
i put the description (OMText) but the thext ins't showing i debugged it
sereral times and found that when called rander on OMText the function
returns without any results in this line:

public synchronized void render(Graphics g) {
       g = g.create();

>>>>> if (getNeedToRegenerate() || pt == null || !isVisible())

i do not know why perhaps my concept of extending an OMRaster class and
putting attribute of OMText inside it which displays the text under the
icon isn't right???

what am i doing wrong ??

here is the layer implementation:

   public void projectionChanged(ProjectionEvent event) {
       projection = event.getProjection();
       Iterator itList = unitList.iterator();
       while (itList.hasNext()) {
           MilitaryUnitGraphicsObj graphic = (MilitaryUnitGraphicsObj)
           //OMGraphicList graphic = (OMGraphicList) itList.next();

   public void paint(Graphics g) {
       Iterator itList = unitList.iterator();
       while (itList.hasNext()) {
           MilitaryUnitGraphicsObj graphic = (MilitaryUnitGraphicsObj)
           //OMGraphicList graphic = (OMGraphicList) itList.next();
           //OMGraphicList a = new OMGraphicList();

   public void updateGraphics() {

       Iterator iter = unitList.iterator();
       while (iter.hasNext()) {
           MilitaryUnitGraphicsObj militaryUnit =
(MilitaryUnitGraphicsObj) iter.next();
           if (projection != null){


please help

Mariusz Chmielewski

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