Re: [OpenMap Users] Questions on how to use OpenMap as an applet which uses data from server

From: Mariusz Chmielewski <>
Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2005 13:40:33 +0200

Using relative path isn't such a great idea becouse of the size of the
RPF map (32 MB) would You suggest?? I have a problem putting such data
into the JAR - i do not know if the JAVA VM will allow to execute such
application. I am thinking of using Java Web Start but this does not
solve my problem i do not want to put map data into my jar file of an
applet is there a chance thath if i point to map in URL openMap layer
will automaticly download it itself?? is there a chance that i could
write some code as a servlet that loads a whole CADRG map and sends only
little piec of it as a new CADRG map. Has anybody tried it?? why the
engine of open map is so slow while using the CADRG data. When i scroll
3 layer on my 2,2 GHz Pentium 4 512 RAM - i am waiting almost 5 seconds
befor i can see anything.

Thanks for any opinions and hints

Don Dietrick napisaƂ(a):

> Hi Mariusz,
> On May 27, 2005, at 8:50 AM, Mariusz Chmielewski wrote:
>> Hi I am now experiencing some problems with teh open map as an
>> applet. I written my own applet so it would be downloaded from the
>> server and it contains openmap. But i ve got some issues that i
>> cannot solve:
>> 1. i am using the CADRG MAPS, those are the spatial data which
>> requires large amount of memory about 2MB and the question is should
>> i put the data into the jar file, or should i put the data on the
>> server and download it or should i simply load the resources on the
>> client. Ofcourse the 3 option is the worst becouse i do not want the
>> spatial data to be accessable on the client maschine outside the
>> applet. (additional info to the first option how to load a map using
>> properties file from local applet resources??)
> You can put the data in a jar file.
>> 2. Concerning properties configuration (same as the map) where it
>> should be placed inside jar and how to load it??
> You would configure the RPFLayer to have a relative path to the RPF
> directory in the jar file, from the root of the jar file.
>> 3. Is there a chance that i could load only a part of CADRG map and
>> the load the rest if neccessery?? so that i could minimize the size
>> of used memory during the execution of the applet??
> That's the way the layer works now. It only loads what it needs. You
> can change the cache sizes so it holds onto less memory if you need that.
> - Don
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