[OpenMap Users] My comments on OpenMap used as an Applet

From: Mariusz Chmielewski <mchmiel_at_isi.wat.waw.pl>
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 10:19:58 +0200

Recently i had to using the OpenMap implement an applet viewing the

CADRG data i tried serveral different solutions to achieve that and here
are some conclutions:
- including the CADRG data inside the JAR of an applet itself is not a
grat idea, but i tried it and it is not working the framework shows
errors taht the A.toc file is wrong i guess that Open Map is not able to
load CADRG (RPF layer) from inside the JAR
- why do not allow the OpenMap Applet to load data from local resources
after signing it by the trustred certificate is it so hard to implement??
- what should be done to implement such functionality (on server side i
implement a service which loads CADRG - and sends only scraps of needed
data to applet on the client side ) can CADRG data be sent over HTTP??
- i read the documentation about the linked layer but i do not
understand how to provide the data for the linked layer i use JBoss
Application server (shoud i provide a servlet taht sends the byte data
for the map) or FTP service on the server??

Is using applet a wrong idea for my application (shoud i use Web Service
Instead )??

Mariusz Chmielewski

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