[OpenMap Users] Map Data Access

From: Vincent, Chuck <CVincent_at_sfa.com>
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 10:59:56 -0400

I have successfully integrated a mabBean into my Java app, but I need
help with map data access options.

When I run the app locally and have the data files stored on the machine
everything is good, fast projection changes.

I am also trying to implement a applet version, I changed the
shapeLayerProps.put() command to access the shapeFile and spatialIndex
files using "http://path_to_files" and all is well, except projection
changes are slow. I have not had success packaging the files in the jar
file, actually I have them packaged in the jar file, the
shapeLayerProps.put() method only complains that the file path is
invalid. I have packaged image files into the jar file and can access
them with out issue. Is there something I am missing?

The second option is to speed up the projection changes when linked to
the files via http. Is there a way to cache the files once they are
read in so future projection changes will be faster?


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