[OpenMap Users] OMGraphicHandler Layer and high CPU usage

From: King, Sean <king_at_bmh.com>
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 10:53:18 -0400

I have recently have taken over some map development for a project that
keeps track of objects moving around on a map. There are multiple
dynamic layers that need to be updated continuously (say once a second)
on a detailed terrain. Currently the layers are being repainted every
second. This appears work fine in Windows but in Linux I am
experiencing the high levels of CPU usage on the X Server process which
make map functionality slow. It seems the cause of the high level of X
usage is because of the repaints to the OMGraphicHandlerLayers. Zooming
in and out on the map also causes high CPU usage w/ the X server but I
am sure this stems from the same repaint problems. Zooming in the
OpenMap demo doesn't cause high CPU usage so I am sure the fault lies
w/in our code.


My question is, has anybody experience similar problems in Linux before
and does anybody have some insight on how to fix this problem?
Currently, all the layers are calling repaint(). Should I just call
repaint(x,y,h,w) on the moving objects w/in the layer.




Sean King



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