[OpenMap Users] Is VPF / VMAP feature ".textColor" still supported?

From: Webb, Todd <twebb_at_titan.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 11:52:52 -0700

Has anyone successfully changed the text color for a feature?

I've seen in various VMAP property files a "textColor" property such as
but I can not get this to work on our system. I have tried every permutation of a text color magic string, and nothing works - the text is always BLACK. I know the feature name is correct, because we set the colors dynamically at runtime, the same code is used for all features - lines, areas, cpoint, epoints, and text - everything works except text. Also, if I set the property ".fillColor" for the text feature, that DOES work, but puts the color in a box around the text. The text itself still shows up BLACK.

I did a search in the OpenMap code and only found "textColor" string literal in the DrawingAtributes class. It is commented out in my version (4.6.1). Which brings me to ask whether this is even supported. We have a bug report on this issue on our system, so any information would be helpful.

Todd Webb
Todd A Webb <twebb_at_titan.com>
The Titan Corporation / L3 Communications
3033 Science Park Road
San Diego, CA 92121

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