[OpenMap Users] Layer randomly visible even though it shouldn't be

From: Joey Heinrich <joey.heinrich_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 11:51:11 -0700

I had this issue a while back and it seemed to go away after changing some
things, but after needing to change them back the issue has resurfaced and I
can't figure it out. Basically, my dayNightLayer is visible sometimes when I
load a map, even though it's setVisible method is set to false. Sometimes it
appears everytime, other times it only shows up every 4th or 5th time I load
a map. I've traced the variable controlling the visibility of the layer all
the way up to when the map is displayed and it is still set to false. Also,
we have the ability to toggle that layer's visibility on and off after
loading the map, and even when it is randomly visible, it has to be toggled
twice to get it to disappear. I'm gonna include the basics of the code below
in the hopes that you might have some suggestions as to how I might
troubleshoot this.
mapHandler = new MapHandler();
mapHandler.add( new MouseDelegator() );
mapHandler.add( new NavMouseMode3() ); //NavMouseMode2 with a few extras
mapHandler.add( getMapBean() );
mapHandler.add( new LayerHandler() );

getMapPanel().add( getMapBean(), "Center" );

// set the projection
switch( projectionType )
case LINEAR :
setOpenMapProjection( getMapBean(), "com.bbn.openmap.proj.LLXY");
// the default, so do nothing
setOpenMapProjection( getMapBean(), "com.bbn.openmap.proj.Orthographic" );
default :
throw new IllegalArgumentException( "Unrecognized projection type: " +
projectionType );

// Get the current time for the corresponding workspace
RunController controller = master.getController( workspace );
double currTime = controller.getCurrentTime();

// Add day/night shading
Properties dayNightLayerProps = new Properties();
dayNightLayerProps.put( "daynight.nighttimeColor", nightColor );
getDayNightLayer().setProperties( "daynight", dayNightLayerProps );
getDayNightLayer().setCurrentTime( false );
getDayNightLayer().setOverlayTime( getTerminatorTime() );

// For some reason, if the initial visibility is false,
// resetting the visibility has no affect. So initialize
// it to true, so that it can be reset later.
getDayNightLayer().setVisible( true );

// Add latitude and longitude lines
Properties graticuleLayerProps = new Properties();
graticuleLayerProps.put( "graticule.showRuler", "true" );
graticuleLayerProps.put( "show1And5Lines", "true" );
graticuleLayerProps.put( "showRuler", "true" );
getLatLonLayer().setProperties( graticuleLayerProps );

// For some reason, if the initial visibility is false,
// resetting the visibility has no affect. So initialize
// it to true, so that it can be reset later.
getLatLonLayer().setVisible( true );

// Create a ShapeLayer to show world political boundaries.
// Set the properties of the layer. This assumes that the
// datafiles "dcwpo-browse.shp" and "dcwpo-browse.ssx" are in
// a path specified in the CLASSPATH variable. These files
// are distributed with OpenMap and reside in the toplevel
// "share" subdirectory.

// Add the political layer to the map
mapHandler.add( shapeLayer );

mapHandler.add( getLatLonLayer() );

// add additional custom layers here

mapHandler.add( getDayNightLayer() );
catch( MultipleSoloMapComponentException msmce )
handleException( msmce );

The dayNightLayer won't be visible at all unless it's set to visible when
it's added to the map. I'm assuming this is normal? After this section of
code, there is only one call to set the visibility of the dayNightLayer back
to false. There is no other interaction with the layer at all before the map
is displayed. Is this perhaps something I can change by hardcoding some
properties into the properties file (Something I'm not too familiar with..)?
The previous fix, which worked for whatever reason, was to add the layers to
the mapBean and then the mapBean to the mapHandler. This fixed the issue but
is no longer possible.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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