[OpenMap Users] setBounds on MapBean not redrawing cleanly?

From: Vincent, Chuck <CVincent_at_sfa.com>
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 10:36:58 -0400

I am using just a MapBean in a wrapper class whose instance is named
myXMap below. I have implemented a componetListener to the JPanel the
houses myXMap. When resized it called setBounds() [see below], but when
the size is changed ONLY VERTICALLY the map will leave ghost images
behind over lapping other panels below where the map bean is drawn.
Diagonal and horizontal changes are fine. This is the weirdest thing.


The JPanel that houses the map bean is a NULL layout with overlaid
buttons and those buttons are fine in any resize. The JPanel is added
to a frame via BorderLayout and has a button panel to its south. It is
this button panel (and sometime the text panel below that) that will
have bit and pieces of the map still in them when resizing vertically.


Any pointers into the right direction are appreciated.






public void componentResized(ComponentEvent e)


Component c = e.getComponent();

myXMap.setBounds(0, 0, c.getSize().width, c.getSize().height);






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