[OpenMap Users] question on contour ploting in OpenMap

From: Little Leo <phrasenotfound_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 15:51:20 +0530


i have a question in OpenMap.

I wish to do a contour plot and my inputs will be like this, Assume
the X-Y as a rect surface length and breadth. Z is the depth. i.e
Graph the depth of a irregular shape.

 ( Array of X :: Array of Y :: Array of Z)

      X Y Z
   400 -200 -33
   445 -100 -64
   765 -567 -85
   543 -345 -56

and the contour plot must be like

1. First of all draw a area based on points (use only X-Y) boundry.
You will get a polygon by joining (only) the boundry points.

2. Then draw the contour ( Z value) lines on this area.

3. Show shaded colors on the regions of the contour line.

This is nothing but a density graph + contour lines on a irregular area.

Is it possible to do using OpenMap. OR what do you feel. Based on
this feasibility only i can start my project.

Am i missing anthing here ? let me knw ur views. Thanks for ur time.


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