[OpenMap Users] Is CsvTiledImagePlugIn so demanding on memory ?

From: mirek pawlowski <mirek.pawlowski_at_ctm.gdynia.pl>
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 10:40:39 +0200

I load a map layer using a CsvTiledImagePlugIn. The Csv file contains 27 descriptions of map data.
All 27 files are in PNG format and their size rather small from 30 to 70 kB. The sum of their size is about 1MB.
My application without that layer occupies about 30MB but after loading that layer that value increases up to 650MB .
After about 2 minutes that value decreases to 420MB.
That CsvTiledImagePlugIn works properly and all data from Csv file are on the map :) but that memory consumption is horrible :( .

I'm realy surprised !!!

Is it correct that CsvTiledImagePlugIn is so demanding on memory ?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Mirek Pawlowski

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