[OpenMap Users] Calling openmap from Query Engine

From: Raghu <raghav_kune_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 21:25:20 -0700 (PDT)

 I have one requirement and it is as follows.

1.We have one inbuilt tool called Data Query
Engine(DQE) which is a servlet based query tool
designed in a 3 tier mode.
2.DQE is a generic web based tool that will query the
underlying database (oracle) and results are thrown as
a web page to the client.
3.User is provided an interface which is a web based
,designed using html / java script.
4.User will select the the required fields(columns)
from the listed web page and will submit to the DQE
.Now it is Job of the DQE to form the query from
multiple tables and get the requisite information.As
it is mentioned above it is transparent to the user
about the underlying database , it is Job of the DQE
to form the query and send it to servlet.

Note : The framed query resulsts consist of the
satellite coverages with latitude and longitude
information , that has to be represented graphically
(polygon) on a openmap (applet).

Now the queries :

 1.I want to integrate this DQE with the openmap , how
can i do it?

 2. How can i pass the parameters (framed query)to
openmap applet i.e.dynamic query passing from multiple
web clients.

suggestions and feed back are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

- Raghu


Raghu (Raghavendra K)
Scientist , ADRIN(DOS,ISRO),
Mob: 91-9440563501
OFF : 91-040-27781234

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