[OpenMap Users] mapping layers, new shape layers.... I dont Y my questions are neglected.... Someone do reply

From: kedar myadam <kedar.myadam_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 14:49:56 -0500

On 9/9/05, kedar myadam <kedar.myadam_at_gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I posted my question(subject: "map exactly") couple of days back and for
> some reason no one replied me, may b i should be clear with my problem
> (Question: 1)
> I have a image and i added as a layer in Openmap. The layer i created
> represents 1500 kms in width and 1500kms in height. I place this at certain
> latitude and longitude. My Question is How to map it exactly?? I mean the
> distance covered by layer on the map should be 1500 kms, How could this be
> possible. For example the distance between Longitudes at Equator is 110 kms(
> i guess) . How can i map exactly if i have a image that represents 1500 kms
> and i want to center the image at Lat,Lon(27,-80).
> The program output looks something like this,
> http://people.aero.und.edu/~kmyadam/naples.jpg<http://people.aero.und.edu/%7Ekmyadam/naples.jpg>
> (Question : 2)
> How can i add more Shape layers, where can i get it from? I want something
> that looks more fancy. My professor was not impressed by the "Political
> Boundaries" layer, he wants something more good looking.
> Can someone help me out,
> Thanks a lot.
> Kedar.

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