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From: Chris Allport <callport_at_dtiweb.net>
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 15:00:16 -0500

I have two cdroms full of raster maps. Looking at one of the disks, I have
an A.TOC and a CTLM50 folder. Under the CTLM50 folder, there is a CT50Z02
folder, and under that is a large list of files (.TL2).


For some reason, I cannot get these maps to display on my RPF layer. I have
used MakeToc to regenerate the A.TOC file, verified that all files are
uppercase, moved the CT50Z02 folder up a level (and regenerated the TOC).
In my application, I have changed the scale and nothing seems to work.


Debug for RPF is turned on and updates with each new zoom/recenter event.
There are no obvious messages indicating a problem.


Here is how the RPF Layer is setup:


String temp[] = {config.pathToRPFData};

RpfLayer rpfLayer = new RpfLayer(temp);





I do have some other RPF data that does show up using this code. However,
it only seems to display the following products: CGNC, CJNC, CJGA, CTPC.
There is some other data (CIB, CTLM, CONC, CLFC) that it does seem to access
(I renamed the files without regenerating the A.TOC and never received an
error while zooming in/out).


Thanks to all in advance!






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