Re: [OpenMap Users] RPF and VMAP Descrepancy

From: Dr. Michael Paus <>
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 11:44:00 +0100

Don Dietrick wrote:

> If you are looking at the VMAP browse level coverage, I think that data
> is in a different datum, so you will see it off by a bit. It's better
> to use the cntry02 data that's in the latest version of OpenMap.

It is definitely better to use the cntry02 data because the difference between
the dcwpo-browse data and the cntry02 is more than just a bit. At least it is
more than I would like to swim. I have attached a screen-shot which shows the
offset. (The redish color represents the dcwpo-browse data.) To my opinion the
dcwpo-browse data is completely corrupted and should be fixed or discarded in
order to avoid any serious damage in case someone is using that in a real


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