Re: [OpenMap Users] Anyone have ANY experience using RoadLayer and in reading Road Shapefiles with OpenMap?

From: Bart Jourquin <>
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 09:27:14 +0100

Hi Ed,

I once did something similar. The gal was to take existing shapefiles
and to transform them into a set of EsriPlugin's that represent a
multi-modal network (graph): each plugin represents a transportation
mode. The attached pieces of source could help you. What I did is
probably somewhat complex regarding your needs, but here are the main

1) Some mandatory fields are created in the .dbf files. Mainly, each
node as a number. The same is true for the links, which also contains
the numbers of the two end nodes. This is used in our main software to
create a graph on which several algorithms can be used.
2) if a node is found at the same location in several shape files, only
one is created in the output files. These nodes can later be considered
as possible transfert nodes between two or several transportation modes.
This is probably not needed in your case.
3) I have to confess that these pieces of code are not enough tested nor
documented. Moreover, they are part of a 'plugin' that can be attached
to our main software. Maybe some calls to it could be unclear to you...

A last point: I'll be mainly abroad from this evening (gmt+2) until 13
january. So, if you have additional questions, it could very well be
possible taht I'll not be able to answer quickly. Sorry for that.

Best regards,


Le jeudi 22 décembre 2005 à 13:37 -0700, Ed MacKerrow a écrit :

> Dear OpenMap Users,
> I have the following challenge:
> 1) read some Shapefiles of Road Networks. Extract road segments
> and intersections into (nodes and edges) to make a graph. Ideally I
> would like instantiate my own Edge/Node Java object for each road
> segment in the Shapefile, and have the geometry (lat,lon points)
> extracted for these roads.
> I have had some troubles using OpenMap to read these Shapefiles.
> 1. In one case I can create a ShapeLayer using the appropiate
> Shapefiles( .dbf,.shp,.shx). In this case I can see the road
> network displayed on my map. BUT when I try to find the list
> of EsriGraphics (or any graphics for that matter) using
> EsriPlugIn I do not see any graphics at all. I do however see
> the dbf table and it looks fine.
> 2. In another case (different shapefile) I can not display it
> using ShapeLayer nor can I get the graphics using EsriPlugIn.
> I have listed the column headers and data snippet for each of these
> shapefiles below.
> Questions:
> 1) Is there a way for OpenMap to read and parse a Shapefile of
> roads to meet the above needs?
> 2) It looks to me like the classes in OpenMap do not
> have any relation to Shapefile road GIS records. Is this true?
> 3) Has anyone successfully done what I am asking above using
> OpenMap? (the (lat,lon) data is stored somewhere in these files since
> you can see them on the map, however, I am having trouble find these
> data using EsriPlugIn. Should I be doing this another way?)
> Case 1) Sample data inside dbf table for one road shape file (this one
> displays using a ShapeLayer, but can not get graphics list using
> EsriPlugIn.)
> GMA-ALI~411 KNDR-RD-1 2179 1
> 52 18.944770
> 1
> Case 2) Sample data inside dbf table for another road shapefile. (this
> one does not display using ShapeLayer nor can I get graphics from
> EsriPlugIn).
> Shape_Le_1
> 5 5
> 0364D8F0B7659BE418607BAD27E0D341 2
> UNK 2 Loose/Unpaved
> 0 Unknown 1 All
> Weather 0.00824101493 0.00824101494
> Thanks in advance for your help
> Ed
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