Re: [OpenMap Users] OPENMAP GUI changes

From: Don Dietrick <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 08:53:57 -0500

On Jan 4, 2006, at 6:17 AM, Mariusz Chmielewski wrote:

> I ve got some user interface issues with the openMap and i would
> like to ask anybody who perhaps managed to overcome them:
> 1. can one draw any comment on the openmap MapBean while te layer
> is loading??

In general, sure. If you want an overall solution, you can add a
PaintListener to the MapBean that will be called after the MapBean
paint(...) method is called, providing an opportunity to draw stuff
on top. So if the PaintListener knows when the layer is loading, it
can render on the MapBean.

If you want a specific layer solution, if the layer is smart and does
the loading in a SwingWorker thread, you can make it smart enough to
render whatever you like until the worker thread is done. You just
have to figure out when to paint the comment versus the map stuff.

> 2. can i customize the buttons on the right bottom of the screen
> that show which layers are redrawn??

The LayerStatusPane controls those buttons, and is set on the
InformationDelegator. You can replace it with whatever you like, or
you can simply replace the green.png, red.png, and grey.png images
with whatever you like in the classpath. You don't even have to
change the openmap.jar, you can add your images to the classpath in
front of the openmap.jar.

Hope this helps,


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