Re: [OpenMap Users] RE: AreaHandler.getProperties()

From: Don Dietrick <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2006 14:18:07 -0500

Hi Tore,

On Jan 6, 2006, at 4:29 AM, Tore Halset wrote:

> Currently, projecting an LatLonPoint into x-y space result in a
> java.awt.Point with int precision. I assume the projected point
> will have double/float precision as well?

No, the projected points will be reduced to integers. I hadn't
really considered fractional pixels, although the jdk renders them.

The changes for LatLonPoints 4.7 only broke a couple of things, the
biggest thing being layers asking the projection what the upper left
and lower right corner coordinates were. Those have to be changed
from LatLonPoint to Point2D objects.

I'll have to check an see what the impact would be to change the
projections to handle Point2D objects instead of Point objects for
projected coordinate space. I originally though that would be a big
deal but since Point extends Point2D, it might just affect the code
that access the Point.x and Point.y members directly. Which may or
may not be a lot.

- Don

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