Re: [OpenMap Users] mouse modes

From: Piotr Kamiński <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 20:04:17 +0100

Hi Maria,
You should subclass AbstractMouseMode or CoordsMouseMode or even
NavMouseMode. If you use PropertyHandler to create your application
components then MouseDelegator is already registered in MapBean. You
don't have to do it manually. Also all mouse modes are automatically
registered in MouseDelegator. If you add only one mouse mode then it
will be switched on by default and should receive mouse events.

Navigation doesn't involve layers. Mouse mode only changes projection in
  MapBean. Navigation mouse mode consumes mouse events, I think.

In your case I would:
   - create subclass of NavMouseMode;
   - change its id to GesturesMouseMode.ID - layers usually listen to
events from this mouse mode;
   - override mousePressed, mouseReleased and mouseClicked methods;
   - all methods which detects mouse pressing should check whether right
mouse button was used. Only then panning, zooming or centering should be
done. Navigation mouse mode should consume those events, I think.
   - when left button is clicked it should be passed to layers. See
behavior of GesturesMouseMode - its implementation is really simple - it
does nothing.
   - when mouse is moved it should also be passed to layers. Tooltip
triggering is done in layers.

Switch on debug to trace mouse messages.
Best regards,
Piotr Kaminski

Maria Harmening napisał(a):
> hello,
> thanks for the tips. i'm trying to write my own MouseMode class
> because unfortunately having to double click in some instances and
> single click in other instances is too confusing for the user. the
> process has to be quick, efficient, and not confusing.
> i need the right click navigation mode to work all of the time on all
> layers. however, the left click gestures mode is only on those layers
> that i choose to display tooltips and such. do you have any
> suggestions on how i should write my own mouse mode? right now i'm
> trying to make a class that implements MouseListener that detects
> whether the left or right button was clicked. the listener is added to
> the mapbean. once the detection is made, the method redirects the
> event to the appropriate MapMouseMode method. This isn't working for
> me.
> thanks in advance,
> maria
>>Hi Maria,
>>If you wish to just switch between mouse modes you have to:
>> - extends GesturesMouseMode, detect right-click and call method
>> - do similar thing with NavMouseMode: detect left-click and call
>>It should work like this: first click changes mouse mode, subsequent
>>clicks are interpreted by new mouse mode.
>>If you wish to have both Gestures and Navigation functionality in one
>>mouse mode (no switching), than you have to write your own MouseMode
>>class (possibly extending one of standard mouse modes) and implement
>>your logic. The problem is that standard layers respond to mouse
> modes
>>of specific IDs. You cannot assign two different IDs to one mouse
> mode.
>>So you have to change Layer.getMouseModeServiceList method in each
> layer
>>you are going to use with your new mouse mode.
>>Hope this helps a little,
>>Piotr Kaminski
>>Maria Harmening napisał(a):
>>>hello, all,
>>>can anyone tell me if it's possible to set the MapMouseMode
>>>to "Gestures" if the user left-clicks and "Navigation" if the user
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