Re: [OpenMap Users] Openmap as a server (but not image server?)

From: Carsten . Madsen <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 07:53:54 +0100

Hi Chris

It is easy to embed OM in , e.g, a servlet and extend the protocol. We
have used this approach to decorate a map with target info obtained from
a web service. Our URLs looks like this:

?REQUEST=map&PROJTYPE=Mercator&SCALE=3421874.8&LAT=50.8542&LON=-1.3491&HEIGHT=600&WIDTH=800&name0=RED OSPREY&SOG0=12.8&COG0=128.9&latx0=30512520&lonx0=-809460

Of course one have to fix the problems related to long URLs etc for this
to work but using another protocol like SOAP would eliminate this problem.



for demos.


Esposito, Christopher wrote:

>Hello All,
> I'm working on an interactive Openmap GUI (for adding, deleting, and
>moving items on the map) that will wind up as part of a distributed
>agent-based system that is mostly written in Python, although some of
>the pieces the GUI will talk to are also in Java. After much searching,
>discussion, and evaluation of a few alternatives it appears that
>directly interfacing Java and Python is quite problematic, to say the
>least, partly because the java-based pieces are in a subordinate role -
>we would be trying to "wrap" the java pieces in a Python layer so that
>they look just like the other Python-based agents. From what the local
>Python developers tell me, this rules out things like Jython, which is a
>python interpreter embedded in Java.
>As an alternative we are now looking at messaging approaches like SOAP
>to be able to cross the language barrier; the various agents send
>messages to the GUI piece when they need it to update something, and
>user interaction is converted into messages that go out to the various
>agents as appropriate. Two questions:
>1) has anybody used Openmap in this fashion? Any tips, tricks, gotchas
>to pass along?
>2) In digging through the mailing list archives I see references to
>Openmap as an `Image server', but I also get back hundreds of hits from
>the archives from this search. I have found the javadocs for some of the
>relevant classes here, and it sounds like the functionality provided is
>narrowly defined to responding to requests for pieces of a map rendered
>as JPEG images, or something similar. Have I correctly understood the
>function of the ImageServer-related classes?
>Chris Esposito, Ph.D.
>Associate Technical Fellow
>(425) 865-5322
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