[OpenMap Users] repainting issues in openmap 4.6.2

From: Butler, Jason <Jason.Butler_at_dsto.defence.gov.au>
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 17:02:03 +1030

Hi all,

I am experiencing some odd behaviour in openmap 4.6.2. It seems to be
failing to repaint some of my layers when other layers are being
switched off.

For example, I am showing a custom layer "under" a graticle layer, and
switch off the graticlue layer, and some of the time the layer
"disappears" from the map window, even though it is still on in the
layer window.

I have tried to track down the cause of this, but have failed to do so.
It seems to be occuring during the mapbeans repaint. The mapbean's
method repaintChildrenWithBorders is called, and it then goes into the
super class JComponent to do the paintChildren method, but the
JComponent.paintChildren method fails to call the paint method of the
custom layer.

Is there some sort of flag I need to be setting to indicate that the
layers paint has finished each time?

The behaviour of the layers paint method is simply to copy an image
buffer into the Graphic Context, and is doing no extra processing, so it
should be very quick to complete its repaint.

Has anyone else encountered this when developing their own layers? How
did you solve this issue?

The version of java I am using is jse 1.4.2_04, but the behaviour is
also ocurring when running under jse 1.5.0_06.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have,

Best regards,

Jason Butler.

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