[OpenMap Users] Storing OMGraphic as XML

From: Piotr Kamiński <Piotr.Kaminski_at_ctm.gdynia.pl>
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 21:32:03 +0100

Hi David,

Piotr Kamiński napisał(a):
> David,
> I use log4j even I have debugger in my IDE. I treat it as additional tool.
> I've proposed XSTREAM because I thought that using this library you
> *can* generate documents
> for which XML-Schema could be also generated. I don't have such
> experiance as you have.
> I didn't write this but I also think that the prefered way to store
> OMGraphic is XML Schema defined format
> not bound directly to OMGraphic classes. So you solution goes further
> than my proposition and it goes in good
> direction. Would it be possible to opensource your code and add it to
> OpenMap source tree? Does this code
> depends on other libraries (or just use SAX/DOM parser)?

I didn't see any replay so I'm asking again. Could you publish source of
your library? Any chance?

Best regards,

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