Re: [OpenMap Users] Confirm possible VPFLayer Config tool bug

From: Don Dietrick <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 13:37:27 -0500

Hi Tom,

I guess you could call it a bug, but it's something more in line with
an unimplemented feature. The VPFLayer isn't good about providing
information about pulling properties from current settings, and that
would need to get worked out before the configuration tool could have
the desired behavior you describe.

- Don

On Jan 24, 2006, at 9:49 AM, Lepkowski, Thomas M., CTR, OSD-PA&E wrote:

> Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
> The Configuration GUI tool for VPFLayer allows for selecting
> features one-by-one and adding them to a list of features
> ( "Current Features" ) to be displayed on the map.
> Possible bug: When opening the VPFLayer Config tool, the Current
> Features list is empty when there ARE features on the map.
> Is this a bug? It's difficult to add and remove features because
> the whole feature list needs to be reinvented reach time the config
> tool is opened.
> Thanks for any info.
> -Tom

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