[OpenMap Users] javascript

From: Tore Halset <halset_at_pvv.ntnu.no>
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 12:29:01 +0100


I am about to add openmap maps to a couple of web pages and want to
use a nice solution for pan/zoom etc.

openmap-applet. The shape-files for the background image are so big
that I want the images to be generated on the server.

Nice interface. Has lots of cool WMS-stuff, but is it easy to
integrate with openmap? Lots of user-management-stuff that I do not

Written for mapserver and php, but should be able to port this one to
use an openmap servlet as most of it is written in javascript. Looks
like lots of stuff has happened in CVS since the previous release. Is
it stable enough? Very nice panning based on tiles..

And some others..

What are you other openmap-users using?

  - Tore.

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