Re: [OpenMap Users] MapRequestHandler image width and height

From: Greg Bulla <>
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 12:31:04 -0800 (PST)

Don - Thanks for investigating this.

I am not sure I understand everything, am still having the problem
nonetheless. When I request an image sized at WIDTH=640 HEIGHT=480
with a scale of SCALE=210474240, or when the width/height is set to
800x600, it works fine. When I request an image of size 480x360
using the same scale, SCALE=210474240, it clips. Note that I have
already set the scale to its maximum but I did try a larger value to
make sure (no effect). As you can see, WIDTH and HEIGHT changes are
working for images larger than 640x480 but not smaller. I don't know
why you are not having the problem - are you possibly using the beta
version and/or vers 4.6.3?

Please see the following images:

640 by 480 image

800 by 600 image

480 by 360 image

Also, I've expt'd with the properties' openmap.Scale=210474240f
setting and have set it to a higher value - no difference.



Hi Greg,

It sounds like you expect the height and width settings to affect the

scale parameter, and that's not what happens. If you want the entire

world to appear in the smaller image, you need to adjust your scale
value accordingly (bigger number).

It's as if you had the map up in the OpenMap application, and resized

the window - the scale of the map doesn't change, just the area

- Don

On Feb 14, 2006, at 12:11 PM, Bulla, Gregory wrote:

> Don - I'm having to reply with another email. Due to some
> complications here we can read our Yahoo email today, but not send
> any.
> Ok, but did your image clip?? On my app it returns the requested
> size but if it is smaller than 640x480 it clips :(. My property
> settings are
> # Width and Height of map, in pixels
> openmap.Width=320
> openmap.Height=240
> and I am passing
> http://localhost:
> =Mercator&LAYERS=shapePolitical&WIDTH=400&HEIGHT=300
> Note that it IS returning the correctly-sized image, but that it is

> clipped. Check out
> dennylee60/MapServlet.gif for what I'm getting.
> GB
> ------------
> Hi Greg,
> I just tried out the SimpleHttpImageServer, and the openmap.Width
> openmap.Height settings in the properties file were the default
> settings for images.
> I was also able to make requests for smaller images than the
> settings. I'm confused as to why your images would be limited to
> default sizes, I can't see in the code where such a limit would be
> enforced.
> - Don
> On Feb 13, 2006, at 7:47 PM, Greg Bulla wrote:
>> We're using OM's MapRequestHandler class in a servlet. We want to
>> able to request a map image smaller than 640 by 480, but it
>> appear that OM will allow this even if you set the (default?)
>> and height in the properties. For example, it is set to
>> # Width and Height of map, in pixels
>> openmap.Width=480
>> openmap.Height=360
>> but always returns an image of 640x480 if you don't specify the
>> It returns a larger image if you request that, like 800x600, but
>> ignores smaller requests.
>> Am I doing something wrong here? Any workarounds?
>> Greg

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