Re: [OpenMap Users] Need help - CORBA DTED layer

From: Don Dietrick <>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 17:54:48 -0500

Hi Mchmiel,

On Feb 26, 2006, at 8:46 AM, Mariusz Chmielewski wrote:

> I am trying to solve the puzzle behind this layer could anybody
> give me
> some hints? the Corba RPF layer was very simle to reimplement
> becouse it
> was a monolith but the DTED Specialist packege consist of many
> different
> components used in other layers. Could someone tell me what should be
> done on server side to provide remote functionality?? or point me to
> people who implemented it?

You would do the same thing the DTEDSpecialist server is doing. If
you look at the DTEDSpecialist.fillRectangle(...) method, you'll see
an OMGraphicList get created from a call to cache_manager.getRectangle
(...). That's a list of OMRasters. For CORBA transfer, the OMRasters
are transformed to CORBA objects before heading to the client. For
an RMI Server, you'd probably do the same thing you are doing with
your RPF server.

> 1. Second question is connected with the use of Overview component
> - can
> one display a RPF layer in it instead of Shape Layer??

Sure, but you'd have to make sure the projection in the overview
MapBean is CADRG. There's a property for that.

> 2. Do You think that in future versions of open map there will be a
> progress draw status for layers ?? Currentl i have written an applte
> based on Open map it has almost 4,5 MB and it uses many remote
> services
> which provide almost 2,5 GB of spatial data - the system works fine
> but
> when i need to show new spatial data i need to implement a RMI
> mechanism for layer. Using such connections i get some delays and i
> would like to show user a loading status - except of course the one on
> the right bottom of a page. :-) any hints

It probably wouldn't be hard to add more information to the
LayerStatusEvent to handle that kind of information, but as of right
now, there are no plans to do so. I think we'd have to work out how
you show that for different layers at the same time.

> 3. I am currently thinking of implememnting a OMComponentPanel
> but the
> one i need will be not based on JPanel but JTabbed pane and while
> changing tabs user will be able to reuse the map bean and show
> diffrent funtionalities based on the current tab? Is this the
> only way
> to control (show different maps for diffrent tabs)??

You could also have different MapBeans on each tab, and add the
layers you want to the active tab's MapBean. You might be able to
have a tabbed pane with tabs and nothing in their tabs above a singe
MapBean, and just change the map based on which tab is chosen. You
have a lot of options, depending on the look you want. The only
restriction you have is that a Swing component can only have one parent.

Hope this helps,


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