[OpenMap Users] Announcement of Protege GIS plugin PDSTab based on OpenMap

From: Ru <sorokin_at_oogis.ru>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 12:25:10 +0300

Hello openmap-users!

On a site http://www.oogis.ru/en/projects/PDSTab/pdstab.htm is published
Protege Drools Scenario Tab plug-in for Protege (PDSTab). This is a free
open source visual integrated spatial simulation scenario development
and replay environment based on Drools (http://www.drools.org) inference
engine and Openmap (http://openmap.bbn.com) geoinformation system
library. Also, updated and tested for recent Protege3.2b version and
JessTab14, related to above, OpenMapTab plugin

Openmap-team, please, update a link to OpenMapTab on your page
Also, if you like, you can put there a link to PDSTab. Thanks in advance.

Ruslan P. Sorokin sorokin_at_oogis.ru
OOGIS RL          http://www.oogis.ru
SPIIRAS           http://www.spiiras.nw.ru
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