[OpenMap Users] Re: WMS

From: Piotr Kamiński <Piotr.Kaminski_at_ctm.gdynia.pl>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 22:54:30 +0100


Our WMS serves was refactored last days. We decided to use tomcat and
build standard servlet instead using SimpleHTTPServer (although it is
still supported). I'm not going to make it proprietary solution. I will
publish this code to openmap-users list. To be honest, our WMS
implementation isn't perfect. I hope other OpenMap's users, as you, will
extend it and add new features (ex. WMS projections require much attention).


Christian G. Tveen napisał(a):
> Hello,
> In a mail earlier this year you wrote that you had done some work on
> the WMS protocol to have openmap acts as a WMS server. Is that code
> something you have made public to the community, or is it some
> proprietary stuff ? As you probably know we have some experience with
> openmap, and would prefer this as a web platform instead of using some
> third component for doing WMS.
> Best Regards Christian
> Hi,
> We use MapBuilder (http://mapbuilder.sourceforge.net/) and
> OpenMap modified to support OGC WMS 1.1.1 protocol.
> Regards,
> Piotr Kaminski
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