Re: [OpenMap Users] Group Layer Startup

From: Cicero Augusto Wollmann Zandoná <>
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 15:10:29 -0300

Hi Don,

Thanks for the answer.

> Because the layers in the GroupLayer are arriving in the findAndInit
> method, that means that they are already in the LayerHandler as well
> and being added to the map individually if they are visible. So it
> would seem that you have a GroupLayer that doesn't draw anything, but
> tells other layers to be visible when it's on. In your LayersPanel,
> you would have an entry for the GroupLayer and an entry for each of
> the other layers, too.

That's the idea, just save some mouse clicks without eliminating the
possibility to turn a few layers on/off if necessary. I know the right
solution would be a tree-like structure, but for now this will do fine.

> If that's the behavior you want, you should
> have the GroupLayer tell the LayerHandler to make it's sublayers
> visible/invisible. The LayerHandler controls what layers are on the
> map - if you just set the sublayer's visibility, it won't add the
> layer to the map until the LayerHandler does another visibility check
> to see what should be there.

This is what a needed to know. Now I call "layerHandler.setLayers();" after
turning a sublayer on and it works perfectly.

> Hope this helps,
It did.

The correct version is atached.

Thanks again,

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